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Christine Street

Clinical Pilates Practitioner training (DMA Levels 1-2)


Chris has had extensive experience in areas of orthopaedics including rehabilitation and she is committed to encouraging you to self manage your injuries, improve and maintain strength, physical fitness and general wellbeing.


This has been both in Private Practice and Hospital Settings.

Chris had also had many years working in Women’s Health including pregnancy and post natal and has also had training in Chronic Pain management, acupuncture and hydrotherapy and using McKenzie management for back and neck injuries or dysfunction. This gives her a wealth of experience to use which ever technique is most appropriate for your condition, to get you back to health quickly.


Chris has done further training with Dr Barbara Hungerford  (from The Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre), using muscle energy and soft tissue techniques particularly to treat the spine, pelvis and hip region. Many of their clients are referred to Chris when they are in Melbourne, and this approach is available with Chris at Tooronga  Physiotherapy.


Chris can help you if you have “Pelvic Pain” , or “ Lumbo Pelvic Instability” or  sacro iliac joint problems, this type of treatment is likely to help you.


What are the symptoms of pelvic pain or instability?

Buttock or pelvic pain, or a feeling of being unstable around the hips or buttock area, usually coming from the sacro iliac joint or pubic symphisis.

As a result, the core muscles around the hips, pelvis, stomach and back don’t work as well together to give you the control needed to do your normal activity.


When does it occur?

You may feel buttock or pelvic pain with going from sitting to standing, or prolonged sitting, standing on one leg, walking, and sometimes changes in bladder control


Why does it occur?

This may occur after lifting, or a fall onto the knee or bottom, or jarring your leg. It is a common symptom after labour.


What can be done?

Muscle energy techniques, to help get back normal joint movement, releasing of tight muscles, in combination with specialized core exercises to then maintain control, teach you how to have improved movement, and help it from becoming a problem again.


Providing services to Malvern, Malvern East, Glen Iris, Camberwell, Hawthorn. 
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