Clinical Pilates inspires our Small Group Exercise Sessions

Clinical Pilates is one of many approaches used by trained physiotherapists to safely combine the benefits of strengthening and stabilising exercises. Research by physiotherapists into spinal stability, has emphasised the importance of our “core” trunk muscles in helping to maintain good posture, and provide a solid base for our movement and the activities that we like to, and need to do. The ability to do this is often affected when we have an injury or episode of back pain, and without specific retraining, sometimes does not recover on it’s own.

Our Physiotherapists have the skills and understanding of how the body works to be able to assess and work with you to return you to pre-injury function and then help prevent further injury occurring using the Pilates and other exercise approaches. The advantage of exercising with physiotherapists is that they understand which positions or actions may aggravate your condition, and we can advise you on how to exercise safely and comfortably as you recover.


Benefits of Clinical Pilates inspired exercise include:

  • Development of core stability & strength
  • Increased abdominal muscle strength & tone
  • Improved general physical well being
  • Improved posture
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced lower back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Improved balance to help prevent falls
  • Improved bone density & strength
  • Improved pelvic floor function
  • Reduced separation of diastatic rectus
  • Builds the foundation for returning to sport/gym
  • Prevention of further injury


Who Is Our Small Group Exercise For?

Anyone can do exercises utilising Pilates equipment, and we have several clients in their eighties. We can adapt the exercises for any level of fitness, and make sure that we are working on the things that are important to you. An individual assessment is therefore necessary in order to be able to devise a tailor made program for your requirements.

Following an initial assessment we will then provide you with a few individual sessions to ensure that you are familiar with the equipment and that the exercises are safe for your condition. We provide careful supervision and progression to ensure that you progress and are challenged as required.


Small Group Exercise Session 3 to 4 people, (60 minutes)

Individual Session (30 minutes)


A rebate may be claimable if you have Private Health Insurance with extras cover.

Times are available by contacting the clinic, with multiple classes each day.


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